Maliki congratulates Obama and expresses the desire of Iraq

Maliki congratulates Obama and expresses the desire of Iraq to continue to develop friendly relations between the two countries

Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki for Iraq’s desire to continue to develop friendly relations between Iraq and America in various fields. said in a statement his office has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it

today that “al-Maliki sent a telegram of congratulations to U.S. President Barack Obama on his victory in the U.S. presidential election for a new cycle. “The Maliki expressed his hope that enhance this occasion approach of dialogue and moderation in solving international problems and firmness in the face of extremism, violence and terrorism and to help in achieving security and stability in the region and the world.”

and won the U.S. president the current Barack Obama reelection, and showed Preliminary results for Obama on 290 of electoral votes compared to 203 votes for Republican rival Mitt Romney. U.S. President winning a second term Barack Obama in a speech to supporters in Chicago on Wednesday that “competition with Mitt Romney was motivated by” love and loyalty to America. “ Wednesday, October 07, 2 / November 2012 16:41


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