Iraqi Dinar Guru 2-26-2013 Chats

Iraqi Dinar Guru 2-26-2013 Chats

Iraqi Dinar Guru2-26-2013 Iraqi Dinar Guru Poppy3 [via BGG] We have similar information from a security contact from the Kurdistan region said a lot of construction going on everywhere in Bagdad and from an aerial view it was breathtaking. A lot going on there, some political unrest. The short story is it is moving forward correctly. Poppy3 has a state contact that believes, barring any catastrophe, is convinced the next couple of weeks are very interesting, that this is the right time for this thing to happen. [post 2 of 2]

2-26-2013 Iraqi Dinar Guru Poppy3 [via BGG] The delegation Poppy3 was talking about was a UST and an IMF delegation. Part is back and part is still there. A Middle Eastern gentleman that has been talking to a mutual friend of ours for quite some time, someone we trust, showed up over the weekend. He recently went through Bagdad and said the progress is breathtaking, it looks like a boom town and they have done this on a limited budget. When they open the budgets it will be amazing. They are planning to move back to Bagdad once the political unrest is taken care of and the financial structure is back in place so they can operate their business effectively. They are geared up to move back in the near future. The information he relayed and this is his opinion that this financial occurrence is probably in the next couple of weeks and that’s what has him excited. That’s not necessarily mine or Poppy3’s opinion. [post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

2-26-2013 Iraqi Dinar Guru Bluedog Article: “Finance Committee MP / coalition in Iraq / Hassan Auzmn Bayati, the importance of handling the national currency, the Iraqi dinar in the commercial and investment operations to support and promote confidence in foreign dealings” Seems to me Turki has just met with Cabinet on investment support mechanisms Iraqi dinar currency…the UST and World Bank are there discussing Currency…and Parliament waiting for word to expose the Budget.

2-26-2013 Iraqi Dinar Guru Shredd we have all this proof and so much more that iraq is growing in wealth, infrastructure, and at this growing rate, the true value of what the dinar COULD be at continues to grow respectively so, imo, we can project that the longer the delay in starting the new exchange rate regime the greater it will emerge, it’s logical. they are growing, like Bondlady says, in spite of themselves so, even though we don’t see the program rate change, the fact is, the real value is growing day by day.

2-26-2013 Iraqi Dinar Guru Flashing imo, we are in a great momentum . there are great rumors about this week particularly from wednesday thru saturday as i said before. but remember just rumors. nobody knows the exact date or rate but trust me we are doing very well. the real drivers are telling us how great we are doing. [you seem to be a little more excited tonite than before.] well, i have became familiar with documents and articles that are making me very happy.

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