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2-15-2014 Iraqi Dinar Guru BGG The State Department is saying that Maliki will be done and over with by next week. I think they wanted some kind of balance of power in place. The demonstrations were the thing that got us going in the right direction. Najafi called for Maliki to resign. The U. S. State Department is talking about Allawi, that he might be a legitimate candidate for the President of the Republic. The budget is not the lynch pin for us, the balance of power is the lynch pin. As soon as the balance of power is changed in Iraq you will see some kind of caretaker or interim government put in place & we will see some kind of change in the currency fairly quickly. They don’t have to be out of Chapter 7 yet. The news is beyond spectacular. The only thing better would be an actual RV itself.

2-15-2013 Iraqi Dinar Guru Poppy3 It’s not an easy task to remove a President or a Prime Minister, it’s almost impossible without everyone working together. But, IMO, it looks like Parliament has their mind set now to try to give the people of Iraq what they have been promised, things Maliki has blocked over and over to better the people of Iraq. I have said for 3 years now that if the people of Iraq get what they are supposed to get, good things for them, then you and I will get the great things that we have been waiting on. This is great news. If it works out, we are going to be some happy campers. [post 2 of 2]

2-15-2013 Iraqi Dinar Guru Poppy3 We got news that they removed Turki from the CBI and also the judge has been removed. We know they these were Maliki’s key people, running interference for him. We know that Talabani was running interference for him & now he is out of the picture for the most part. This thing is boiling down, getting Maliki under control. Got a call saying he will be out of his position on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. It’s just a projection. They are trying to get him to resign or they more than likely will take a vote and remove him. [post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

2-15-2013 Iraqi Dinar Guru BGG Article: “Nijaifi launches fierce attack against Maliki, calls him to resign.” Personally, I think this is Najafi’s way of giving the body of MP’s (all under his leadership) a bit of a dig. As in, get in here and do your jobs or you won’t have one soon. Like I said…– it’s about time for them all to be thinking about the “post-Maliki” era and what their future looks like in it. I doubt the dissolving of Parliament is a real issue. The rest – is profoundly dangerous for Maliki.

2-15-2013 Iraqi Dinar Guru Adam Montana [I was wondering about the elections that are to happen in Iraq in April. If these term limits do go in effect, doesn’t that mean that Maliki will not be able to run?] I did some quick research… to try to verify my thoughts, but most of the information is obscure… I’ll put it this way: I have as much faith in Maliki to honor a “term limit” as I do Obama to uphold the Constitution. If there is one thing we know about politicians, it’s that they will manipulate the system in any way they can to acheive their goals.

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