Iraqi Dinar Guru 12-4-2013 Chats…

Iraqi Dinar Guru 12-4-2013 Chats…

Iraqi Dinar Guru12-4-2012 Iraqi Dinar Guru Blaino Announcement: to clear up misconceptions, questions, ETC… And due to freshly received intel in the last few minutes …. I am taking planet dinar to dinaricon level 5+….I still cannot give a “PASS”…I CAN SUM UP THE NEWS IN A SINGLE WORD… FILED WITH GOLDEN PROMISE AND DREAMS OF DREAMS COME TRUE!…”SOON!”

12-4-2012 Iraqi Dinar Guru Kaperoni Iraq cannot wait 13 more months to raise the value and sit with a currency that is not tradable. IMO, as we have stated several times, the float will begin soon (again, raising the value and changing the currency are two different events). This event will change the CBI from Article 14 to Article 8, and more importantly make the dinar international. It then will rise in value based on supply/demand. In other words, the world will dictate the rate of the dinar. Hopefully getting to 1 to $1 soon thereafter.

12-4-2012 Iraqi Dinar Guru Poppy3 Another rumor is the Dong RV’ed in Europe. Sources have not validated this as of yet. I was told it was showing on bank screens around the globe except for in the U. S. Take this as rumor. I can’t believe that they can RV in one country and not the rest. I’m very encouraged as there is a lot of talk around the globe about what is about to happen. Hopefully they get the laws passed & get them done quick. There are so many articles saying January 1, they have to get things done prior to January 1 for anything to happen in the 1st of the year. I am looking for a lot to be accomplished this month. [post 2 of 2]

12-4-2012 Iraqi Dinar Guru Poppy3 Parliament is to vote on 3 laws today & complete the discussions on the 2013 budget. There’s a lot of things pointing to they are going to get this done. I received on Nov. 30th from three different sources that the Dong was to go on Dec. 1st. & the rest was to follow. Obama met with the IMF and talked to Maliki over there asking them to hold off to the 1st of the year so he could get more taxes & China blew a stack, they were totally upset. They wanted us to have money to buy goods. It has been agreed upon that he will step out of the way when he goes on vacation which I think is the 16th, 17th of this month. This came from reliable sources, but I still have this as rumor. [post 1 of 2….stay tuned]


12-4-2012 Iraqi Dinar Guru Mountainman Kuwait’s Prime Minister is visiting Iraq this weekend to discuss the two countries economic future and some recent developments. It is not yet clear if this is RV or Chapter 7 related but it’s possible it could be either. I will keep everyone posted on what I learn from this meeting from my sources.

12-4-2012 Iraqi Dinar Guru Med one thing i would like all to think about when thinking of the rv…a countries currency is only as strong as the govt that backs it…now remember about the strength of a currency and how we are seeing possibly movement for iraq right now to securing a stronger govt and currency. there is no way and i mean this with all sincerity that men like najafi or allawi or talibani or barzani will allow a new dictator or sadr even. they are trying to resolve this in a way of no bloodshed. that is why it is dragging out. they have kept this from turning into a civil war, yet keeping maliki from doing real irreparable damage. anything he has done can be easily reversed even all the stealing of money, they have so much wealth.

12-4-2012 Iraqi Dinar Guru Tlar Article: “BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / House of Representatives voted on Saturday, the three laws began the second reading of the federal budget law for 2013.” If they can just get it done before the end of the year. This is extremely important to our investment. I believe it is two readings then a vote and then it is published in the gazzette before it becomes formal law.

12-4-2012 Iraqi Dinar Guru TerryK first of all logistics banking systems must all sync together…that would be tue night…2-3 am tue morning / wed when the banks talk next…tuesday night going into wed morning is the banking sync time…we would maybe have to wait 24-48 hours after that point which would take us into a thursday night. iraq banks closed on friday / saturday price adjustment in iraq re-program and when they open sunday you would see the currency, now if the banks talk on tuesday we may see it / we may not i will let you know. we will see wwiii or the rv this week… i have the rate…from my source in the imf…u will love the rate. im hearing a lot of positive things. my source told me tonight not to turn my phone off that they maybe calling me at 3 am. [post 3 of 4….stay tuned]

12-4-2012 Iraqi Dinar Guru TerryK now thursday is the first day that wf is allowed to sell the dong again for years they can buy and sell the dong, do you hear what im saying. now i purchased dong thursday for 48 it went up to 59.79 today per mil so there is movement. 73 trillion is coming into the banking system this week i was advised that in the wf branch that my buddy works at today they received 1.9 trillion over the weekend what does that tell u. [post 2 of 3….stay tuned]

12-4-2012 Iraqi Dinar Guru TerryK the lady of china is pushing for a global reset and pushing a certain person in the usa to rv, dont know how thats going to play out its not in the main stream news. a few things are going on as we speak, hong kong source is telling me that the dong is being traded right now for .47 in the mid east, cant verify… it is showing up on currency sites just not forex…forex guy is telling me its on the screens but has not been released…wf source is telling me its on the screens but not released. [post 1 of 3….stay tuned]

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